Sometimes you just want to eat something hearty and a tiny bit stodgy to feel satisfied and so I have come up with a super quick recipe for vegan pie.

Buy some ready made shortcrust pastry which is vegan – available in all supermarkets it is made with vegetable oil not butter and it will state Vegan on the pack.Roll it out into a pie dish which you have wiped with vegan butter and dusted with flour. Fill the pie with chick peas, black eyed beans, kidney beans, in fact whatever beans you like! Add pieces of cooked broccoli, tomato, courgette and again whatever you fancy. Put the rest of your pastry over the top and then plant hazelnuts into the top. Place in the oven for around 20-30 minutes and voila! You have a pie to feast upon! Add some sweet potato mash to the mix or some vegetable gravy.

This is low cost, fast to make, reasonably healthy but best of all yummy and filling!