I went out this weekend and had a very typical moment of “if only I had worn that” and that then resulted in me emptying my wardrobe in a “I am going to organise my clothes so I know what I have and what looks good” moment. After a million hours of going through everything it all ended up shoved back in the wardrobe exactly the same as before and most of it still will never be worn.

The first conclusion to this is GOD I WISH I HAD A WALK IN DRESSING ROOM! Life would clearly be so much better and I would be so much happier right? Well possibly for a week I would but like everything material it would wear off soon enough. Although just look at this walk in wardrobe…it makes me want to convert my kitchen or something and just cook out of a microwave in the utility room:


Alas, the second more realistic conclusion was I really don’t wear or need most of this stuff and actually if I had less I would be able to see what I had and I would probably end up wearing more of it.  Really I tend to wear the same things and when I veer off this, I end up in clothes in which I do not feel 100% comfortable. I have my style and I should acknowledge it.

If you want to organise your wardrobe check out http://www.organisemyhome.com because they do some brilliant add in sections for wardrobes – this image shows one of them and you can see it looks much more organised:


Organisemyhome.com closet insert

Going back to the point, the real beauty of simple style (whatever you decide yours may be) is the fact that you can spend your time and money on accessories! The best thing about accessories are most of them tend to be cruelty free (as long as you choose the right bag, belt and shoes), they can be cheap or super expensive and they can change a simple outfit into something fresh and interesting. My latest accessories obsession is collecting things which can last forever and can be worn with anything. The main focus has been ear cuffs; they look cool and they make you do something different with your hair to show them off. See my three favourites here (sadly I tried to order the feather but it never got to me and now it is sold out!)


Nikos Koulis Diamond Star Earring 




Elise Dray Diamond feather earring











Elisa Dray Diamond maxi-bar earring








So they are a little pricey but they are gorgeous, they are precious and they last for a hell of a lot longer than 3 pairs of high street boots and a couple of Zara dresses which would cost the same.  All you need is a black top and jeans and then sweep you hair into an elegant chignon or a high ponytail and voila! Classic with a twist.

Alternatively you can go for scarves – again a plain outfit can be completely changed with a bright scarf and like the earrings, you can go for something a bit edgy like McQueen:


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in McQueen Scarf

A McQueen scarf will cost around £160 but if you look after it there is no reason it cannot last for many years and it can give a high street outfit a designer edge as it will dominate the look without costing the earth.

Finally, the last accessories item which is getting me excited is hair clips and bands. It used to be that all we had to chose from were plastic childish looking slides and preppy looking bands all of which created a pious housewife look. This is no longer the case with hair jewels becoming increasingly popular.  Here are some examples:



I guess the point of this post is that looking good does not have to involve using animal by-products and there are so many gorgeous things to buy which do not have to involve killing something. Of course you still need to consider the impact on workers so check out if anything you buy with diamonds is ethically sourced but on the whole these are beautiful items which will become the focus of a simple and easy wardrobe that doesn’t need to be constantly added to. Less is definitely more.