I saw the new Louis Vuitton campaign today which features a number of women including Giselle,Catherine Deneuve, Sofia Coppola, Edie Campbell, Fan Bingbing, and Caroline de Maigret.  It is really beautiful as you can see from the mini images above. The best thing about it is these are not young girls, they are all women from all ages and I think that is very refreshing. It is all very well having girls fronting the labels like Mulberry and Yves Saint Laurent but who really is buying these £1,000 plus handbags? It is generally mature women who have great careers or who are married and financially secure and they want to be able to relate to the model. I stopped and looked at the Louis Vuitton campaign as the models caught my eye. I was at the same modelling agency as Caroline de Maigret ten years ago and I remember she was considered one of the older girls around then and yet she is still working and looking better and better each year.  She is 40 now I think and just looks cool because she hasn’t changed herself.


Caroline de Maigret

A close friend of mine just turned 40 and she is the same; she has kept her hair long, not changed her style much, not overloaded the make-up and everyone thinks she is hot. You can guess she is in her late thirties certainly because of the way she carries herself and of course she has some signs of ageing but she has stayed looking up to date and sexy.  On the other hand I work with women who have chopped off their hair in their thirties, allowed the weight to pile on, changed the clothes they wear and worst of all changed their demeanor. It is so ageing and they just do not look attractive. Or you get those women who get stuck in an era – I work with this woman in her 50s who has great skin, a tall slim body and nice full lips but she has a haircut from the late 80s and dresses in early 90s clothes so it is easy to age her.

Recently my mother just bought a pair of biker style boots – she is in her seventies – and she wore them with a cute jumper that looked a bit like a Markus Lupfer one. Honestly it literally knocked years off her! She was so surprised and kept going on about being too old to wear such an outfit but it is silly to deny yourself something just because of a number. Obviously it doesn’t look great when women of a certain age wear an ultra short mini skirt or a sequinned skintight dress but saying that I am not sure it looks great on any female of any age, it’s just you are allowed to make more mistakes when you are younger and get away with looking a bit trashy! We’ve all been there! However, what is stop us having long hair or wearing biker boots, or a bright lip colour or fingerless gloves or whatever? The thing that ages is getting left behind on fashion and allowing our mind and creativity to get stale. It is important to keep up with technology, trends and world developments because then you don’t get stuck in an era and have something fresh to talk about.

Do not let anyone tell you that you are too old to do something or wear something. Try new things and experiment until the day you die and for all those age obsessed people who ask your age, tell them that age is just a number and there is no reason for them to know!