In the last ten to twenty years we have cut more and more fat out of our diet – everything is diet this, low fat that, reduced fat, less fat, no fat! Have we got thinner as a result? Well in general no, actually we have got fatter and even worse we have got madder! Yes that is right we gone madder as our brains have been affected by this lack of fat.

Food is the brain’s primary link to its environment and to its evolution and your diet affects the brain chemicals that influence your mood and behaviour. About two-thirds of your brain is composed of fats. So it is no wonder deficiencies in specific kinds of fats can have huge repercussions on intelligence and behaviour.

To build brain cells you need fatty acids. Two kinds of fatty acids are considered “essential,” which means you must get these essential fatty acids from the food you eat as your body cannot manufacture them.

The first essential fatty acid you need is Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). ALA is the foundation of the “omega-3″ family of fatty acids. Vegan food sources of omega-3 ALA include flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, sea vegetables, green leafy vegetables.

The second essential fatty acid you need is Linoleic acid (LA). LA is the foundation of the “omega-6″ family of fatty acids. Food sources of omega-6 LA include expeller cold-pressed sunflower, safflower, corn, and sesame oils.

By modifying and reducing natural fats, we have altered the basic building blocks of the human brain fundamentally weakening the brain’s architecture.  These poorly structured human brains are failing to cope with the mounting stress of modern life. Why does that lead to fat? Well basically it means more stress and poor choices, less energy, less focus, all the issues which can led to weight gain, and poor health. The brain which is not functioning effectively and to the best of its ability is going to make bad decisions, will not react as fast as you would like, is more likely to react badly to situations and lead to being over emotion. Every action you take from a mere step to lifting a weight comes from the brain so if you fail to ensure that is being fed properly you may as well give up now.

Healthy monounsaturated fats do not make you FAT, in fact it is the opposite. They will leave you clear minded, feeling well fed and able to perform physically to the optimum level. So start eating avocados, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds, sesame oil and, if you are not vegan, eggs.