Here I am in Sunny Monaco with Kenny whom I took for a holiday. I am not sure how impressed he was by the car journey nor by the visit to the French vet to be tape wormed before he could return to the UK, nor by the sea which he thought quite scary but he did love sunbathing and he did love going out to restaurants with me at night where he was always treated impeccably and often got a snippet of steak from the chef.

Anyway that aside the purpose of this post is to alert you to a brilliant online designer called Banjo & Matilda. It is an Australian brand focussing on cosy but lightweight items to be worn as smart casual and it is perfect for the summer weather that we have to cope with in the UK (i.e. freezing cold, rain then sun then gale force winds and so forth) and also those summer evenings on holiday when the sun goes down and you want something to throw over a vest or swimsuit.

The cashmere is high quality and does not bobble. It fits the body nicely so it is not bulky and best of all it comes in excellent colours and quirky designs. I am wearing a cashmere hoody from the Star design above which I use for the gym and I always get compliments on it. Here are some examples of their clothes:


The website is www.banjoandmatilda.com and if you are worried about buying from a company located in Australia fear not. My items have already arrived within 5 days and are always beautifully packaged. It is superspeedy postage and they are reliable. Plus they will often send you a discount voucher for 25% off. All the cashere is ethically sourced and there is no sweat labour or anything unethical about this company. I am a great advocate of buying good cashmere over the cheap Marks & Spencers style stuff as it should last for years and years and thus stop you buying lost of it!