There is a lot of press excitement that George Clooney may have got engaged to Amal Alamuddin. I personally do not see it as being such a thing, maybe they are simply in love. However, what is irritating is the massive thing being made out of the fact that she is “so intelligent.” There are countless articles about how clever she is, how her brain won him over, how stupendously successful she is. I am sure all of that is true but why does the media have to behave like it is so incredible that she is intelligent, as if she is such a rarity and as if all his past girlfriends have been vacuous airheads which is why he never settled with them? Were they not all successful women?

Amal is a barrister and of course it takes huge intelligence to be barrister but it is just another type of intelligence and there are many variations of intelligence. Maybe one of his past girlfriends was really emotionally intelligent or wise or insightful but just did not happen to be a barrister. By going so crazy over one woman’s intelligence we belittle other women by insinuating they are lesser. Intelligence comes in so many forms and sometimes it is not given the opportunity to prove itself in such an obvious way as becoming a barrister or doctor or professor. Sometimes intelligence is how you treat the people around you and how you face problems in life.

If a famous actress was dating a barrister it would not be a huge issue. Certainly there would not be articles proclaiming how amazingly intelligent he was for simply doing the job he trained to do.  Why does it has to be so shocking and newsworthy that a woman is beautiful and intelligent? It makes us think we have something to prove all the time instead of just being what we are.

At the end of the day Amal is a beautiful woman in her thirties like most of his other past girlfriends. Would he be with an unattractive woman who was a prize winning scientist, or who had found the cure of cancer or a leading but slightly dumpy politician? I think not. As someone pointed out in an online article Amal came to the Bar in 2010 but for the past year she has mainly been away from her desk on holiday with Clooney. No one would blame her but surely that proves she is just an ordinary woman like you and I who can be swept off her feet? This is not a competition in which the winner was the most beautiful and intelligent woman meaning that the others were losers or not good enough. It is just life and timing…