For those of you who spend ages on the treadmill or pounding the streets, unless you are training for a marathon, stop now! If you are trying to lose weight or get a better body you are wasting your time. By swapping to shorter intense periods of hard work over same paced work you will burn 3X the amount of fat! With same pace training your body moderates itself and gets used to the work so doesn’t need to push itself or become remotely stressed. Our bodies are devious things, they work things out fast and they find ways of dealing with whatever we are asking from them so that they can make it easier. Consider for example that super devious muscle the glutes which are always finding a way of avoiding any work by shifting it onto the other muscles. With slow constant pace work those glutes just chill out. In fact the entire metabolic system chills out and thinks “this is cool, I can handle this.” So you need to give a bit of a theoretical kicking and engage it all.

This can be done by walking for one minute and then sprinting for one minute. It can be done by a quick burst of 100 skips. The way I do it, because I want my glutes to have to work, is I take the incline up to between 6 and 8 on the treadmill and run for 1 minute on the level forcing my glutes to push me uphill and then go back down to a walk on that incline for 2 minutes. I would do this for around 20 minutes.

The best result of this particular method of interval training is that not only do you burn 3X fat you also work your glutes which rounds them up, stops the flat bottom look that can come from weight loss and leads to this: