I’ve recently discovered a new flour which is gluten free and can be used for savoury dishes – chickpea flour! It is not easy to find in your usual supermarket – I got mine on Amazon.uk for a couple of quid.

These hotcakes are often served in Italy where I discovered them and they are delicious. They make a nice side to a meal which if you are vegan and gluten free can often be difficult to fill. They are healthier than potatoes or fries, as long as you cook them gently and don’t fry them to death in oil.

To make chickpea hotcakes, you do the following:

Sift one cup of chickpea flour into a mixing bowl. Add in 3/4 cup water and whip the mixture until there is no dry flour and it has the consistency of thin pancake batter. Add the flavour/taste/spice that you like. For me I add Tahini but you may like a dash of pepper, a pinch of mustard, coriander, tumeric, whatever.

Put a little olive oil into a frying pan and heat it up. Pour the batter into the pan, exactly as if you were making pancakes. The batter will fry and solidify when it hits the oil and after about a minute, it will be solid enough to move around. You’ll need to run a spatula under it to flip it over. Cook until it is golden brown.

This it the basic hot cake but you can get creative. You can add chopped vegetables to the batter before you cook it, finely chopped tomato or or onion. I expect they can even be made into a dessert dish if you make them plain and then add fresh fruits on top. Quick to make, looks creative, cheap as the flour lasts for ages, fills you up but low in fat and gluten free!