I had to go to Cheltenham last week and to my absolute delight I stumbled across Wholefoods there. I was both insanely happy as I love their food and insanely jealous that Cheltenham get one and yet Surrey does not! Come on Wholefoods we are waiting for you in Surrey!

Anyway, I queued up for coffee in great excitement as it is the only place that makes proper coffee using milk substitutes like almond milk rather than hideous soya. I spotted on the menu a coconut milk mocha and went off course from my usual americano with a dash of almond milk to having this. It was amazing! Seriously I got an extra large which was the size of my head and guzzled it all. A combination of coffee, hot chocolate and exotic coconut – it was like supping down a expresso with a bounty bar and yet no dairy or horrible things in it!

I drove home contemplating selling my house and moving to Cheltenham just to be near Wholefoods. Sadly I have found that the London branches are not doing this drink. However, I have saved a few thousand on moving fees by figuring out how to make it myself and it is easy.

The only problem is it means having to venture into Tesco which is not the most ethical of supermarkets – however I justify this because all I am buying is from their vegan, diary free section and so I am showing them there is a market to keep making these items. I purchase one thing which is the Free From Chocolate & Coconut Milk (priced around £1) which is made from press coconut and cocoa. I heat half a cup of that up in the microwave and then I add my expresso or dash of coffee and voila I have my very one Coconut Milk Mocha! Takes all of 5 minutes to make and costs very little.

Have it with decaff coffee as an evening drink – so cosy and gets rid of the chocolate treat cravings!