My style: skinnies and studs!

There are many ways to be stylish: the eccentric English, the flamboyant Italians, the fashion focussed Americans, the French elegance. They can all look fantastic but fundamentally, true style always looks effortless and feels authentic. A stylish woman will not fear the imperfect because she does not aspire to perfection. Unfixed hair or a chipped nail or smudged mascara do not faze her. She is living life and that does not allow her the time to sit having manicures, blowdrys and face fillers.

Fashion is just about fazes but style continues and moves with us.  Each of us has complexes, characteristics, experiences which shape us and it can only be a good things to allow this to form our identity and how people perceive us because it is about ownership – the ownership of everything we are and acceptance of that. The most attractive woman, the most eye-catching is the one who really owns what she is wearing and who she is, she walks with her head high and has something about her which is indescribable. All I can say is she is cool and that is something which cannot be bought for all the money in the world. You do not need to reveal all of yourself in seconds with expensive, publicised designer labels.  Little twists to an outfit can be part of a seductive process which is charming and interesting for other people, it reveals a little about yourself without giving it all away. It leaves a longer lasting impression than the quick knock out look.

Style is your own, it is hard to copy someone elses’ and then own it.   It can be as simple as ballet pumps, jeans and cashmere cardigans if that is who you are. It doesn’t need endless amounts of cash or accessories or make-up.  Personally I am happiest in skinny trousers, quirky jumpers like the one above covered in studs and biker boots and if I want a strut I can throw on some heels with it. I spend my money on scarves and funky necklaces and rings because they make me happy and they are easy to play with.


Alice Hubert necklace

The way to pin your style down is to throw out all the soulless cheap clothes which you barely wear and when you do wear them they make you feel like nothing. Chuck out the items that do not fit and stop living for the moment when they might. Keep the key pieces like cotton t-shirts, plain white shirts, vests, skinny trousers and decent cardigans and put them all together as your base wardrobe – see them as the canvas. Then carefully store any key pieces which stand out as your “feel good” favourites and do not be afraid of working them into everyday outfits.  A designer scarf is affordable and offers a splash of colour, a chunky statement necklace in crystal can make a white t-shirt or blouse look elegant, a perfect fit leather jacket will give you cool girl edge, and a pair of killer heels or boots change your whole look (never forget how you walk also forms part of your style so do not wear uncomfortable shoes which stop you moving gracefully).  Find your personal uniform and then play with colour and texture through accessories.

How does this all fall into Conscientious Chic – well…it is about knowing yourself and having that inner focus which allows you to be a thoughtful and multi faceted individual.  It allows the building of strong foundations which can apply to your whole life; you do not want rubbish or excess in anything – be inquisitive about the items you buy and their quality as they become part of you and your identity when worn.  Clothes represent something very personal about ourselves and we should care that we chose the right look to project ourselves. Some may call fashion fickle and superficial and that may well be true but your style is something for only you so own it, be proud of it and have fun with it.

Happy dressing! x