I admit I am addicted to shopping – it is a problem because fundamentally I am against excessive consumerism but I just love new items and I covet like a crazy person. On my current list: a Stella Macartney vegan bucket bag images

a pair of velvet Kitty heels from Charlotte Olympia



A full set of Monica Vinader friendship bracelets…hell I have to stop it because this post is about not consuming but creating! So to the point – I have managed to just about exchange my shopping buzz for a styling buzz which basically means getting creative with what you have or finding little ways of changing an outfit for a small price. To do this you need inspiration and that isn’t about style theft it is just about getting the nerve up to try different things and realising it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong every so often. I have never found glossy magazines to be that inspiring as it is mainly about models, celebrities and people who have access to huge wardrobes and have been dressed for a specific event or photoshoot. Instead I found some books which have helped. The first is Paris Street Style: A Guide to Effortless Chic. £10.87 from Amazon.co.uk, this book has lots of great pictures in of stylish woman from every age and gives tips and views the whole way through. A bit edgy but that is a good thing because who wants some boring style book?

The second book, The Sartorialist (www.amazon.co.uk/The-Sartorialist-Scott-Schuman/dp/1846142504/ref=pd_sim_b_1 ) is just pictures but the people featured are all so different and it is not just about designer clothes, it is about quirks and character to the outfits, it is about being bold and having your own fun with outfits and realising that just about anything can look good if worn with the right attitude.

The third book is I Love Your Style also available on Amazon. These books are not to be taken as instruction manuals, they are just little inspiration tools. You may suddenly realise you can dig something old out and start wearing it again or that a plain white shirt would look great with a piece of costume jewelry from Asos or you could tie a thin scarf around your hair to look hippy chic or that you can change an outfit with a pair of £20 tights or that you can made a plain black jumper and jeans work by wearing it with perfect red lipstick. It brings the fun back into dressing and you can take pictures of the styles you like, print or cut them out and put them on a moodboard to jog your memory.

Anything creative needs inspiration. I often go through style blocks when I am working in a boring office and then because I do not feel 100% confident and good, I buy something new. When I get my style right I can work with a much smaller wardrobe and I don’t feel like I need anything new. So I would recommend playing around and using books like the ones above for that inspiration.  Clothes are your art and that half hour of creativity each day into choosing an outfit will make that whole day much better and save you some money!