My most favourite thing to do is visit Wholefoods in Kensington High Street -this might sound really sad and boring but seriously it is the most amazing supermarket in the world! Three huge floors dedicated to healthy, organic, fresh and yummy food – the fruit section alone is amazing and there is a very creative and wide selection of fresh cooked foods including good vegan and vegetarian options.

The problem is that since I moved to the countryside and also travel a fair amount, the logistics of getting to Wholefoods are not so easy. So I have been buying online using Amazon for things like coconut water, coconut flour, dried fruit, tea and  coffee and I also use which is great for healthy snack bars.  However, I have this week found an excellent website that I need to share with you because it sells such great items that will really help with the whole healthy, quick, animal product free diet.

It is called Red23 and can be found at this link: – not sure what that name is about – it doesn’t help find it and I stubbled across it by accident. It sells items individually but is also does wholesale so if you know you like something it makes sense to get a bulk load of it.

Some of the things I have ordered include Raw Banana Superfood Bites These bites contains raw bananas, almonds, buckwheat groats, quinoa and millet combined with the super nutritious spirulina and wheatgrass. omega 3, protein and fibre rich. They are £1.39 per packet and there is a lot in a packet. They are a bit like popcorn to eat so perfect for munching on the sofa with a movie! Much better than crisps and sugary snacks.


I have also ordered the MOST delicious granola ever! It is Cacao, Hazel & Vanilla Paleo Grain Free Granola and it is gluten and nasties free I can eat this stuff straight out the pack and not stop until it is empty. It is a bit pricey at around £5 but if you are sensible you only need a small fistful for one meal and then it should last for 12 portions so that would work out at 40pence each time – not horrendous if you value your health and taste buds!  They do a few different options but this cacao one is my favourite.  I would make a quick point that granola can be a little tough for the digestive system first thing in the morning if teamed with diary as it then becomes acidic – either have it with almond milk or a yoghurt alternative or have it later in the day – this is so yummy that I often have it for dessert with vegan yoghurt and sliced banana.


I also tried the Organic Pumpkin Seed Butter – amazing on bread or in smoothies Pumpkin seeds are rich in protein, essential fats, zinc, potassium, magnesium, B-vitamins and vitamin K so this is a greta option over normal peanut butter.

Also try the Raw Vanilla Almond Macaroons -yum!

Anyway I could write endlessly about all the things on RED23 but have a look for yourself!