I call it a shortcut because it will cut the time spent in the gym but it is tough and you will have to motivate yourself. I spent a long time wondering why the people spending ages on the treadmill were often still overweight and slack. I did my fair share of endless time on the treadmill and cross trainer and then I discovered a much quicker way of making a difference to my physique. The simple truth is that doing a comfortable speed and staying at a monotonous level will not push your body and it will just stabilise and stay as it is. Exercise has to be tough to change your body but you can make it short.

Get on the treadmill, after warming up, take the incline up to around 10 or somewhere quite steep but not so much that you have to cling onto the rail or  so you will pull a muscle or injure yourself. Tilt your upper body forward as if you were normally walking up a hill. Walk for 1 minute at this incline and then run for 30 seconds uphill on your toes so that the glutes are doing all the work to get you up the hill. Bring it back down and walk for 1 minute, repeat 10 times.  If you do do 30 seconds walk, 30 seconds run then even better as you will cut the exercise time down a lot.  Just remember do not hold on as this defeats the point and clip the safety belt onto your waist just incase you slip.

I used to run for nearly an hour at a decent pace and it did not have the impact that the exercise above does. I breathe hard, I sweat and I feel exhausted afterwards but it is over in 15 minutes and I have burnt serious calories and even better my butt muscles have been worked – prior to this I just was not getting the firm glutes I wanted and this has changed that.  Here I can do this 15 minutes cardio leaving me 30 minutes for weights and then another 15 minutes for ab work and stretching. Perfect!