December 19, 2013

I offer personal training to individuals or small groups who are looking to get in shape and feel good. I am a qualified Personal Trainer and a member of the Register of Exercise Professional (REPs).  As I modelled for a number of years, I had to learn how to maintain the long, lean body needed for that profession

I focus on creating that long and lean athletic physique through specific methods of training tailored to suit your personal aims. I use my knowledge in nutrition and food plans to help you find the right balance for achieving that desired physique whilst living your everyday life. I do not recommend lazy low fat diets or heavy protein focused diets, instead I work out your calorie and energy requirement and ensure you are eating the right balance of nutrients.

I believe that personal training is not only about the time spent in the gym but the support, knowledge and understanding outside of the gym that helps you achieve your goals and commit to a lifestyle change that develops and maintains the perfect body.

The Process

I offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and goals and to answer any questions you may have. That is then followed by a 1 hour session to test fitness and strength where I will get your BMI, body fat percentage, V02 Max and work out what kind of exercise you like and dislike. I can train you at your gym, in my personal gym in Surrey or at your home.  I will then go away and design you a bespoke programme to obtain your goals.


My personal gym

My personal gym where you can train in privat

The Cost

£55 per session.

Remember you do not necessary have to train with me several times a week or even once a week. Once I have developed you a bespoke programme and run you through it, you’ll be able to do it yourself and then return to me when it needs to go up a level. With the fortunes people waste on gym membership which goes unused and the misery of not feeling confident in your clothes, using a good personal trainer like me is the best decision you will make.

There is no obligation following the free consultation.


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