January 16, 2014

There is no short cut to being the best person you can be, to looking the best you can, to feeling the best you can, to achieving all of your ambitions. It is about longevity and lasting for your entire life and it takes focus. The posts featured under the Focus category are there to create that discipline which will enable you to make consistently conscientious choices that are the best for you and the world around you.  The ultimate goal for all of us is a happy, healthy life and the right mind set is central to this.  Without that, it is just short term fixes of diets, trends, fads and inconsistency. Focus is created through knowledge, strength and love of the vessel which allows you to roam this earth; your body. In return for a little time and consideration, the rewards are continuous and can be big or small, sometimes you may not notice them straight away but they will come and they will make you happy.


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