This is probably quite an obvious tip to give but I have been surprised by how many people go “oohhh that’s a good idea!” Right so drinking juices is great, health etc but it is so hard to keep up with it and can end up costing a small fortune because fruit and vegetables go off fast and lose nutrients if they are left for too long. So the simple tip is to skip on down to Paperchase and purchase these cute little tubs:


Then slice, dice and prepare the fruit and vegetables and put each variant into the Paperchase tubs and pop them in the freezer. From now on you always have the ingredients ready to go to make a fresh cold smoothie or juice without it going off or having to go to the supermarket everyday to buy more. Works very well with bananas and cherries.

Quick Recipe

Frozen cherries
Frozen blueberries
Spinach leaves
Coconut water
I green apple