I would say that make up brands that still test their products on animals are really behind with the times now and they must be producing in places like Asia as the EU brought in a ban on cosmetic testing not that long ago. We are at a time where people care about what they put on their faces and they want those products to be as natural, organic and kind as possible. All these cheap mass produced make ups do not tend to meet that criteria. Your face is the thing that you present everyday to the world ( unless you cover it with a hijab!) and it is full of the most important functional tools you own including nose for smell, eyes to see, mouth to eat and speak so why would you not want to protect it and put their very best products on it.

Aside from that, vanity is not a good enough excuse to inflict horrendous pain on animals by pouring products into their eyes and nose so always check that the make up you buy is cruelty free. I found this excellent post on other blog called beautyandthefreak.wordpress.com where the diligent writer has emailed a long list of beauty brands asking what their stance is on animal testing. It is such a helpful post so have a look.beautyandthefreak.wordpress.com/email-confirmations/

Hourglass are a fantastic brand which emailed back to beautyandthefreak confirming that they are a conscientious brand which allows no animal testing at any stage. The second best thing about Hourglass is that their products are incredible and so advanced. By far the best illuminating powder I have tried is by Hourglass called Ambient Lighting Powder. It is available in store at Space NK or Liberty or online at uk.spacenk.com/ambient-lighting-powder/MUS300023943.html and comes in 6 shades. I have used Radiant Light and Mood Light – Mood Light is great for tired skin and Radiant Light is  good for giving a glow. The powder is so finely milled and silky so it goes into the skin and really lifts it. It is priced at £38 which might sound a lot but it is large compact and should last for months.

The second brilliant item from Hourglass is the Femme Nude Lip Stylo available at uk.spacenk.com/femme-nude-lip-stylo/MUK200011026.html priced at £22. Again this should last for ages and it silky smooth, a thick pencil which makes it easy to apply and the colours are brilliant. All subtle colours to create the Bardot look.



The excellence of Hourglass is evident in the fact that they sell out superfast but they are worth putting on the wait list. There are lots more products on SpaceNK and Liberty which are worth trying. You look beautiful and the animals get to stay beautiful too.