The Irony

I spend a lot of time in the South of France and having just flown from the endless rain and wild winds of London to Monaco, I have found blue skies and the optimum temperature for light jackets and some serious fashion styling as one is not covered in a heavy coat and pashmina to keep warm.

So bearing this temperature in mind, it always surprises me to see the women here dressed as if it was Antarctica. Fur is everywhere; long coats, hats, boots, even hair clips with fur dangling off them. They simply cannot get enough of it and they surely must be boiling beneath it! Of course my feelings on fur will be obvious considering the title of this blog and previous posts but the most confusing thing for me is that they have a small flurry dog at their feet on which they spend fortunes on and coo over like a child. Do they not get the irony of this? Do they not understand that living creature sitting at their Louboutin heels is no different to the now dead creature which they are wearing?

Clearly they believe their dog loves them, that it needs to be happy, warm and comfortable and yet the animal they wear can deal with agonising pain, cruel conditions and then often being skinned alive.  They have acknowledged that animals are sentient in their decision to love a dog so why are they ok with causing one such pain? The majority of these women that I have spoken to tell me they love animals and they support some charity which rescues dogs or seals. Additionally some of these women are very intelligent and successful so why do they not think?

I think that many of us, me included, are guilty of considerate thought only when it suits us. In the past I have tried on an amazing pair of Chanel shoes and have not taken the time to look whether they are lambs’ leather which I know can be cruel because I have fallen in love with how I look in them and my vanity has taken over. It is hypocrisy and I have never met anyone who can say they have never been guilty of hypocrisy.

However, there is one thing I am sure of and that is I do not want to be the sort of person who does not think and therefore comes across as ignorant like these women. Why would anyone want to come across as cruel and thoughtless? Do they really believe that it is better to come across as rich above all else? If so, then they really are ignorant. There are 2 things which cannot be bought and they are beauty and intelligence and those are the things to which this blog aspires.

To show these women that style and intelligence can be put together here is a picture of the very successful and very rich Victoria Beckham wearing a FAUX fur coat and looking super glamorous.