I just heard the very sad news about L’Wren Scott committing suicide which I think is really awful. She was a stunning woman, statuesque and impressive. She had been dating Mick Jagger for many years and had her own fashion range business which has been worn by many major celebrities. It was a good and wearable range, albeit extremely expensive. She mixed with the rich and famous and lived a glamorous, aspirational life.

Yet she clearly had not found contentment – perhaps fleeting moments of happiness in her relationship but not true contentment with life. Rumours are that she was in debt – or rather her company was in debt. This happens to hundreds of companies all over the world – having your own company is tough and risky and failure is often the outcome. Perhaps it owed creditors but if it had simply gone bankrupt she would have walked away, embarrassed yes, upset yes, but she would have continued living and found something new to take forward with her many talents. People would have forgiven her and life moves on. Most successful millionaires have a path of failed businesses and debts behind them before it works out. Yet, her pride meant she ended her life when in her prime.

Of course I can only speculate and I do not know the inner goings on of L’Wren’s life. What I do know though is that riches, popularity, beauty, living a luxury life, glamour are not the key to happiness. This has been proved numerous times by the mental breakdowns, drug and alcohol addictions and suicides of many celebrities.  We all think that the day when we make a load of money, have a sports car, pay off the mortgage, have a boob job, loose weight, wear head to toe Chanel, have the eyes of the public on us, whatever it is, will be the day that we are happy. Wrong – happiness will elude us until we achieve inner contentment and balance.

Sounds so easy yet it is so difficult because we are constantly thrown off balance by all the things life and society throws at us – the work stresses, the debts, the material desires, the failures, the broken dreams, the betrayals and so on. I truly believe the path of acceptance of yourself and all your failures and mistakes is by moving away from all the fake stuff as much as you can whether it be processed food or fake friendships on social media sites. Less becomes more – two or three genuine trustworthy friends, a few quality items of clothing that you cherish for their quality and beauty rather than credit cards and debts, food that is fresh and clean not fake and chemical ridden. Contentment really exists with our most natural selves and that natural world which we have moved far away from towards the fast development of technology and consumerism. People are getting unhappier as the world around us develops and modernises and yet we have never had it so good in that we can reach out and get anything our heart desires – a million choices. There are so many options, too many options.

So simplify it.  I think we need to make a decision on who we want to be – zombies sat in front of computers filled with anti-depressants and longing or living creatures who move with the elements and are filled with good food, true love and energy?

It is not a hard decision but actually living it will be hard at first as you will have to learn to handle the fake stuff neatly so that you do not shut yourself away from the world and become a hermit. Instead you need to compartmentalise that stuff and ensure you are able to recognise and separate the artificial with the real. Live with the natural world yet appreciate what the artificial world can do for you – just never rely on it to provide you with balance, happiness or truth.