Not everyone can afford diamonds but you can certainly look like you can with this new designer I have found! V jewellery was created by Laura Vann who set out to make timeless and complex jewellery accessible to a wider market. Frustrated with the high street where she saw an abundance of simple throwaway jewellery, she realised a gap in the market where quality, intricacy and affordability could meet and I think she has succeeded. Ok so there are no diamonds but there are excellent precious stones and zirconia placed in silver so they do not tarnish and look cheap. I wear my pieces alongside diamond pieces and everyone just assumes they are diamonds, in fact I get more compliments on the V pieces then on the actual real ones!

Here are some of the pieces I chose:




All around £100 and you know they won’t tarnish or look overly shiny and cheap. I am so pleased to find some pieces that do not cost a fortune but are not the cheap high street junk.

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