My promise to readers is that I will also seek to be practical, yet stylish. Being ethical yet cool is my aim. So I want to be dressed comfortably at the same time as looking trendy. The thing I hate more than anything is being cold – I do not do cold because I will have a face like a slapped arse if I am cold and there is nothing cool about that!

So keyo to that is sweaters or jumpers and good jumpers/sweaters are hard to find. However, I think Zenzo have nailed it with their eye collection and I am truly excited as I just managed to procure a black one! They all sold out in the UK but I just found the last one in a French boutique – ok it was a medium which makes it oversized but I think it looks cool that way. Fleece inside makes it so cosy and at the moment I am in Monaco for the Grand Prix where the weather is letting us down big time so I am wearing mine with denim shorts as it is the only warm thing I own. The other girls here are all coutured up, dresses, heeled sandals and I am in this jumper, denim and Vivienne Westwood pirate boots but at least I am warm!