It is really important to have some idea of where you want to get to fitness wise. Are you seeking to lose weight? If so how much? Are you seeking to have the best figure in St Tropez next August? What does the best figure look like to you? Are you seeking to enter a competition and hopefully win? What is the competition and what is the standard of the competitors? It makes a big difference to what you need to do and for how long but also you need to find a way of measuring the progression towards this goal. My goal was to look as fit as I could so that I could put on any item of clothing and feel confident. However, I did not really figure this out until a long way into my training which wasted a fair amount of time. A good friend of mine simply wants to lose weight so it would be pointless me prescribing her the same workout I do. But what does lose weight mean? A pound, a stone, half her body weight? It is important to know and define why you are exercising and how it is working or if it is not working, to recognise that and change it.

Really think about why you are working out? I would say most of you will be doing it for a similar reason to me so it is not about how heavy you can lift or how long you can cope for on the treadmill. It is about how little time you can spend in the gym to get a hot body! How that can be measured is simply with the mirror and sometimes a tape measure to see how vital statistics are but there needs to be a goal. Mine was to have a 24inch waist and 33inch hips with low body fat. I hit this size and now my goal is to maintain it without having to be fixated on calories or not eating. Once a month I may measure myself just to see I am keeping on track but mainly I do it through the mirror and seeing my body remain in shape. My forementioned friend wanted to lose 14 pounds, she didn’t care how she did it, whether she got defined deltoids or curved quads but clearly she had to do the right exercises to get her to that goal otherwise she wouldn’t have any motivation to continue. Twice a week she weighs herself and notes down the loss. She is half way there and has consequently accepted that working out is the way to reach her goals which keeps her going.In the future, maintaining that weight by checking in each week should ensure she continues to work out.

The only way to get the motivation to do anything is to have results. Nobody puts themselves through something with no reason so that is why it is important to know your goals and to measure your progress towards them. Then when you have achieved them you know that it is all for a reason and that will then help you remain motivated. Do not just fly into the gym, carry out a session and fly out again. Take the time to look at your body, establish how it feels during the work out, measure or weigh yourself at the end of a session (do not get obsessed with this by doing it everyday, just twice a week), note how your clothes feel and relate it to your exercise.