I always buy vitamins with the best intentions, take then for a few days and then forget and thus never really get the benefits. It has been said that most vitamin supplements are a waste of money anyway because the body firstly only requires certain levels and so simply disposes of additional amounts, secondly the body can create some vitamins itself and thirdly you should ensure you simply eat well enough to fulfil vitamin requirements.

However, saying that many women are lacking in iron owing to periods and other joyful things associated with having the X chromosomes! I often lack energy, feel dizzy and short of breath, all of which are symptoms that B12 levels are low. This is why my latest discovery is most helpful! Better You B12 Boost:


This is a spray vitamin and unlike the normally disgusting taste, it is delicately flavoured with apricot which makes it so tasty that I keep spraying it and have become a tiny bit addicted. The container contains 160 sprays –1200µg per dose (4 sprays) and it has been clinically proven to have superior absorption to tablets and capsules. As it goes straight onto the tongue it enters the blood stream much faster. Best of all it is vegan!

It is around £10 and can be found in Holland & Barrett, Amazon, Wholefoods and lots of small online shops.

As B12 has been proven to help reduce tiredness and fatigue, this little spray is ideal for keeping in a handbag or pocket and using during the day. As it tastes so nice, it is good after a meal to cleanse your palate and I cannot recommend it highly enough.