One needs to be relatively still to watch TV and who wants to be expending loads of energy during down time? However, if you have been eating too many snacks and love handles are developing, here is a nice calm exercise to tone them and strengthen your core. There are two variations – the main plank and the side plank.

The main plank looks like this:

It targets the core, abs and shoulders. You need to hold it for at least a minute but start around 30 seconds and build up from there. You can face the TV and freeze for the required time thus still watching Orange is the New Black whilst toning your stomach.

The side plank looks like this:

This works the obliques which run down the side and are the area you want to tighten up to avoid lover handles.

Do three reps of the main plank increasing the time if you can. Then do three reps left and three reps right of the side plank. The result will be a stronger core and toned muscles but it is worth noting that you cannot then eat a bar of chocolate and a box of pocorn afterwards!