Sometimes you just need something a bit stodgy and easy to serve. That doesn’t have to mean it needs to be unhealthy though so here is my favourite easy breezy recipe for that movie meal!

Purchase Amisa organic gluten free and vegan pizza bases made from rice flour and buckwheat flour. Cover them in a herbed tomato paste. Sprinkle that paste with nutritional yeast flakes for that cheesy but animal free flavour. Then slice courgette, tomato, mushroom, sweetcorn, peppers all over the surface. Also if you want to please a meat eater get some Quorn frankfurters and slice them thinly over the vegetables or some Quorn bacon pieces. Drizzle with a little oil and cook in the oven for 20 minutes.

Cut some sweet potatoes in the thin chips, drizzle with oil and any herbs or spices that you like. Lay on foil and oven cook until crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Eat with gluten free tomato sauce available from all supermarkets.

For the drink, get cocoa flavour coconut milk in a cartoon from any supermarket. Blend with frozen bananas, a spoon of peanut butter and create a yummy milkshake.

Finally, if you are still hungry, using more of the frozen banana, blend it with almond butter and create a yummy dessert (albeit quite calorific) or just be lazy and buy a pot of Booja Booja chocolate ice cream which is delicious!