Marisa Heath

Recently I have been finding the gym really hard work and have lost a bit of my gym mojo so to speak. I found 15 minutes into a session I was bored and tired which meant I was just going on the cross trainer at an average speed watching the TV and convincing myself I had done “my time.” Very quickly I started to loose condition despite spending over an hour in the gym.

So I reduced my sessions and started doing 30 minute sessions mainly focussing on weights and cutting out the cardio. The above is the result – not photoshopped and actually I looked more ripped in the flesh. I lost body fat and started to perform better. So basically I am now convinced that cardio is not the answer to the perfect body and that you are wasting your time if you spend too long on the treadmill or crosstrainer. I am not on 2-3 30 minutes cardio sessions a week and no more.

All you need to do is get a set of dumbbells around 7.4kg to 10kg, a monkey bar with some 5kg and 2.5kg weight plates and possible a weight bar to do deadlifts and you are set. All of those things can be kept at home quite neatly so sod the gym membership. Buy a skipping rope to get your heart rate up or do some split squats. Seriously less can be more if you do it properly! This is excellent news because frankly who has the time to spend 30 minutes or so getting to the gym, getting changed, working out and getting home again each day where I am sure most people can find a 30 minute slot before breakfast or dinner each day!