Craving chocolate? Want a handy snack? Try these dark chocolate covered rice thins. Ok so at first glance they might not look quite as delicious as a bar of Diary Milk or a Mars Bar but let me tell you they do the trick by getting rid of the chocolate craving and they only have around 50 kcals in each very generous slice. Plus you will get a nice energy boost from the rice. The dark chocolate is vegan but the company does not promise this as it is made in a factory where milk is handled (they also come in milk chocolate) but I think you can feel safe enough. The coconut ones are really yummy.



If you want to get really exciting and ensure they are vegan make them yourself – buy plain wholegrain ricecakes, melt some dark chocolate, pour it on top of your ricecakes and then you could add other things – grated coconut, flaked almonds, some grated apricots, sesame seeds, chia seeds, whatever you can think of that will stay on. Allow to cool and then munch away with no guilt!