All the items I am wearing above except for the t-shirt come from secondhand designers. Gucci white leather hat, Sonia Rykiel studded handbag, Charlotte Olympia kitty flats and J Brand cut off jeans. The leather items were purchased before I went vegan but I still think it is more ethical to buy leather secondhand anyway if you must wear it.

The growth is secondhand designer clothes being sold has grown massively over the last few years and I have bought some of the MOST amazing items from sites like Frockdrop, Covetique, Chic & Seek and Le Dressing. The brilliant part of this is that I have paid a lot less than I would pay in the shop but even better I am being more environmentally sound and recycling clothes!

My purchases have included a large black Chanel handbag, a black boucle Chanel jacket (wardrobe classic!), Stella McCartney boots and shoes (vegan!), an Antonio Beradi studded coat, Alaia dress (amazing, ultimate item!), and Chanel jumper (all crystal studded and lux!). This is just a small selection because actually I have started buying most of my stuff from these sorts of places. I strongly feel that designers have reduced the quality of production and fabric on their items whilst lifting the prices. Not only have it started to go out of my price brackets to buy all the things I want but I think the quality is not good enough for the cost. Hence I now look for vintage piece or at least items that may only be a season or two old but are the right price.

Another plus is that often clothes which are good enough to be sold not just once from the shop but then twice from a secondhand retailers can then generally be sold a third time if you keep them in good condition. I have even made a profit doing this having for example bought a few Isabel Marant trend pieces which I then made double the money on after I had worn them for 6 months!

So here are links to the very reputable retailers – unlike Ebay you know that these sellers are going to accurately describe the item, ensure it is not fake and post it you!

Have fun!