In the hope of proving that being vegan does not equal looking like a crazy hippy wearing weird cheap clothes and looking rather dusty, I thought I would show you a few celebrities who are committed vegans so you can see for yourself how such a diet can bring a myriad of benefits such as slowing down the ageing process, keeping low body weight and basically being a very cool person. So here they are:

Unknown-1Natalie Portman who will not even wear leather has been vegan for many years
images-2Olivia Wilde even has her own website dedicated to vegan living





images-5Petra Nemcova super hot and super nice top model has been vegan for nearly 10 years






Famke Janssen, nearly 50 keeps her incredible body and beautiful face with a vegan diet





Michelle Pfeiffer, so ridiculously beautiful and in great shape in her fifties thanks to veganismUnknown-4





And for the men:


Jared Leto, proving men don’t need to eat meat to be hot!




Brad Pitt, need I say a word…             images-4





Joaquin Phoenix, a little quirky but hugely talented and admirable.Unknown-3





Russell Brand, again quirky but certainly cool and intelligent and I think he rocks!Unknown-5





So there you go, veganism is cool and those who are followers of this diet are rarely ever fat!