PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, offers some very easy to access and clear advice on vegan eating and ethical buying. Their website is such an excellent resource and for some bizarre reason I have only just really come across it properly. PETA is one of the most successful campaigners on animals in the U.S with huge celebrity endorsement and hard hitting campaigns.


They are using their resources well to try and educate people on where their food, clothes and skincare comes from, what alternatives there are and how each one of us can really make a difference for animals. So for example this link below is about vegan pre gym snacks and what is high in energy which is great as often vegans turn to sugar for this boost when really there are lots of good health options if you just know about them:

PETA even has a vegan starter kit which is useful if you are at the beginning of the journey – when I started I was completely unaware of the options and it took me a while to get it right. For example I was still eating honey oblivious to the fact veganism does not allow this. The start kit sets out everything clearly and offers recipes and options that mean you hit the ground running.

If you sign up to PETA they will email you recipe ideas and news. I have spent a long time working with animal charities now and I really feel that PETA and the RSPCA really do give the best value in terms of making a real difference to animals. The RSPCA because it is the ONLY policeforce for animals and whilst we have legislation on animal welfare nobody enforces it except for the RSPCA – they get a lot of criticism but their inspectors are seriously important for animals across the England. PETA because by getting celebrity endorsement and seeking to make animal welfare trendy and cool they have a big impact on people and hold a lot of influence. They even run strong campaigns in developing countries like India which is fantastic and hopefully will mean those gaining wealth will spend it conscientiously.