You do not need to spend fortunes on gym membership and classes to get in better shape. You can change your body at home if you have the mental focus. For me I need to get out of the place where I sleep and eat to have a good workout but you can do short burst routines at home that make a difference.

You need only a few tools to do this which are as follows:

1. A mat that you can do torso work like planks and Russian twists on and stretches.






2. A rubber band that you can use for resistance training







3. A set of adaptable dumbbells that you can add weight in form of rubber plates.







4. A skipping rope







So what to do with these items?  Set yourself a skipping goal of say 1000 skips broken into 10 sets of 100. Then in-between every 100 skips do a resistance exercise using either the band or the dumbbells. With the resistance band you can do upright rows, lateral raises, squats. With the dumbbells do shoulder presses, biceps curls, tricep extensions. The skipping will keep your heart rate up and blood pumping and  you can vary the skipping going from fast to slow, double skips arms crosses and so on. Then go to the mat and do press ups and donkey kicks, side planks as well as the usual plank and Russian twists using  a weight plate from the dumbbell.

This will keep you going and you can add lots of body weight exercises in as well. Of course you can also add in either a run or you could do interval training in your garden if you have a place you can sprint up and down.

You can do this session in 30 minutes so do it in the morning and then in the evening.  The equipment is easy to store and you can take all of it except the dumbbells in a suitcase if you are travelling.  You should be able to get all of these items at a decent quality for under £100 and if you have any spare cash a swiss ball is also very useful!