Coconut oil is not new and it is not new to tell anyone about its benefits but it might be new to set out the many ways it can be used. I am a huge advocate of coconut oil as it is cruelty free and natural.

First coconut oil is high in lauric acid which is anti-bacterial and antifungal. So if you have sunburn, spots or any sores on your skin it can really heal them fast. Try RMS RAW Coconut Cream from Cult which is extracted with a special technique that keeps the lauric acid intact. It is idea for troubled skin and smells incredible! It is only £12.50 here

Coconut oil, as in the version you use to cook your food in, is brilliant as a cleanser because it again has the anti-bacterial element to it but is neutral enough not to strip your skin. It will even take mascara off and moisturise at the same time. You do not need to stop with the face and can use it all over the body. Try Biona Organic Coconut Oil.


Then for the hair! Coconut oil is brilliant as a de-frizzer and smoothing down broken or split ends. Rub it into the ends and leave overnight or whilst you sunbathe. Once you wash it out I promise the silkest hair!

Scoop a lump of the oil from the pot and drop it into the bath – the hot water will turn it into liquid and moisturise your skin. You can also rub it inbetween your hands to back a massage oil.

And now for my pièce de résistance! Coconut manna – this is basically pureed coconut which takes the form of a butter. It is made from pure dried coconut flesh and tastes amazing. You can have a small spoon of it everyday for good fats straight into your mouth or drop it into a smoothie or spread it on toast. I ordered it from and it is a large jar which lasts for ages and can simply be stored in the cupboard.

So empty all the cleansers, spot creams and moisturisers tested on animals and replace with a humble jar of coconut oil and then throw out the diary laden butter and spreads and replace with the superfood coconut manna. Sit back with a spot free face smelling delicious and drink a coconut and banana smoothie – bliss!