It’s all very well obtaining the perfect body but you then need to make sure you feel confident enough to flaunt all the hard work that went into exercise and nutrition. For me, I am happy with my muscle tone and shape but I don’t want to blind everyone at the pool with bright white English skin! Unless I have some colour I don’t feel 100% confident and whilst I am a huge admirer of pale and interesting and think it can look very beautiful, a bright white bum, stomach and legs is hard to carry off as it tends to bounce the light causing cellulite shadowing no matter how in shape you are.

I have always been fair skinned. I grew up in Indonesia where I obviously got some skin damage judging by the freckles which adorn my face and shoulders but apart from that I have spent years battling with fake tans and not being able to wear revealing dresses because I felt too pale. Holidays consisted of at least 2-3 days of red burns and tan lines and then the rest of the holiday trying to get rid of the lines whist protecting the burnt bits. But no more! I have found a most excellent secret to even tanned skin all over.

Carrot juice is the answer. I started drinking as I quite liked the taste and thought it was healthy – a glass a day of fresh juice from around 8-10 carrots. After about 2 months of doing this I noticed I had stopped burning in the sun and instead went light brown quite quickly. Then once I had a tan it stayed for a while and if it faded it then came back quite quickly. This picture is after 2 days in Dubai and I have an even colour all over:

I am not saying drink some carrot juice and you will be immune to burning because it is different for each person and you still need to be careful, use sunscreen etc but it did help my skin deal with the sun and I just don’t get that same stripy red look anymore. Apparently carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and cantaloupe have a very potent antioxidant called carotene which warms up your natural skin tone. Additionally, dark, leafy greens like spinach and kale contain large quantities of beta-carotene which are also responsible for affecting skin pigmentation. Consuming regular quantities of these vegetables will create a natural tan as the beta-carotene supports the production of melanin responsible for the darkening of the skin under sunlight.

The only health warning to this perfect solution to getting your vitamins and getting a tan? Don’t go overboard or you might turn orange!