No I have not forgotten how to spell! This is the name of a brilliant vegan yoghurt produced by The Redwood Co. and it is really excellent.

I have to say I hate soya  – I think it taste horrible when it is used as a diary replacement. I dislike it in coffee, I dislike it in cereal and I really dislike the yoghurt. I also think some soya products can be bad for your hormone balance but that is another post for another time.

So I was delighted when I found Wot No Diary? I picked it up from the supermarket shelf with great trepidation because it the title did not sound so inviting and it stated that is was made from “cultured pea protein!” That did not sound so appetising to me. However, I was pleasant surprised because it is sweetened with fruit juice and so basically just tastes like whatever fruit has been used.

So now I am able to have granola with yoghurt and fruit which I love, yoghurt in my smoothies, yoghurt in cakes if need be and with fruit which is brilliant. I am so impressed with this Wot no Diary and guess what it is cheap and available on amazon so just go to